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Fintech by ComeOnPlace, the financial technologies to help

you grow and manage your e-commerce operations 

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Our payment solutions 


Work on key business moments with an treasury loan


Accelerate your payments and receive them daily

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International vendors, save your money with our Currency solution


You want to optimize your finance by being paid in your own currency 

Get beneficial rate to manage your international sales 

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Why vendors are interested ? 

  • ComeOnPlace works with partners specialists in financial field

  • Simple and fast, everything is online 

  • Manage your finance daily with a personalised interface


A field of activity comprising the best solutions of the market using technological innovations to deliver financial services to marketplaces vendors.  

ComeOnPlace wants to guide the vendors from Cdisocunt marketplace to develop themselves and find the tools to generate growth. After a study of their needs, especially for SMB, one of the main brake of their growth is the lack of cash flow and the difficulty to get access to financial services. We would like to guide them in these processes in order to increase their sales on . Our ComeOnPlace Fintech services allow to Cdiscount vendors to get access to financing solutions easily and rapidly. 

The objective of all the services proposed by our Fintech team is to help you to improve your cash flow. Having a controled cash flow will allow you to invest in your business. Such as purchasing products, storage space, visibility... then give you the keys to generate growth on your activity.

Today we provide our Fintech services only to vendors from Cdiscount marketplace. 

Each service has their own eligibility conditions. You can contact our teams or your Cdiscount account advisor and/or ComeOplace to have more information or to .