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Dear seller,

If you subscribed to a Premium Pack, the budget selected from this form will come in addition to the one included in your Pack. The validation of this form thus replaces any previous budget request.


The ComeOnPlace team.

Activate an external and powerful

traffic lever to boost your visibility




Google Shopping ©

Increase the traffic of your product listings on Cdiscount

targeting prospects in the buying phase on Google 


A team of traffic managers certified to manage your Google Shopping campaigns

Our goal: to reach your target ROI using an auction strategy to maximize the value of conversions

Allow you to expand your audience with a qualified traffic acquisition



An attractive advertising format


Highlighting attractive business information from Google's search engine: 

  • visual product
  • attractive price
  • Cdiscount Marketplace which reassures the prospect




A qualified hearing



Your product audience is tailored in real time and based on Google search results.

A quality, appetizing audience will be exposed to all of your Google Shopping ads.




Automatic targeting of your products


Cdiscount plugs in all of your products with the best market offer.

Google's algorithm automatically selects your products that are best able to convert to ensure the best possible performance.

How does it work?

  • STEP 1


    Set up your Google Shopping campaign via the form available from the "I Start" button by setting yourself:
    • The budget (starting at $5)
    • The desired start date
    • The duration of your campaign (1 month minimum)
  • STEP 2

    We validate your eligibility for the Google Shopping program within 48 hours

  • STEP 3

    Once the campaign is activated, your products will be visible from Google Shopping

  • STEP 4

    An end-of-campaign report will be sent to you at D-7 after the end of the campaign


Cdiscount gives itself the right to accept your participation subject to eligibility. 



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