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Activate an external and powerful

traffic lever to boost your visibility




Google Shopping ©

Increase the traffic of your product listings on Cdiscount

targeting prospects in the buying phase on Google 



Manage your campaign and your budget via our simplify and intuitive unit, available on C.A.R.S (Cdiscount Ads Retail Solution)



Monitor your performances thanks to indicators that allow you to follow the impacts on your business in real time

Allow you to expand your audience with a qualified traffic acquisition



An attractive advertising format


Your products highlighted on the first page of Google search results !

An attractive presentation with :

  • Your product image
  • Your product description
  • Your best price

The « Cdiscount Marketplace » mention to reassure the visitors during their purchasing phase




A qualified hearing



Your product audience is tailored in real time and based on Google search results.

This qualified and ready to buy audience will be exposed to all of your Google Shopping advertisements.




Automatic targeting of your products


In charge of the technical implementation, ComeOnPlace will put forward all your products being the best offer on the market.

Google’ algorithm chooses automatically your best converting products to ensure the best possible performance.

We’ll manage everything for you !

How does it work?

  • STEP 1

    Set your Google Shopping campaign up in C.A.R.S by accessing with the button « I start » and define by yourself :

    • Your daily budget
    • The desired start date
    If you have a Premium Pack, the creation of your campaign is done automatically each month, without any action from you.
    The follow-up of your campaign is available in C.A.R.S.
  • STEP 2

    We validate your eligibilty to the Google Shopping program.


    For more information on the unauthorized products list by Google Shopping, click here.

  • STEP 3

    Once your campaign activated, your products will be visible from Google Shopping.

    You can follow your campaign from the management unit in C.A.R.S.

  • STEP 4

    The monitoring of the performance of your campaign is available from the platform Cdiscount Ads Retail Solution

  • STEP 5

    I wish to re-credit my Google Shopping campaign already online on Cdiscount Ads Retail Solution (C.A.R.S): fill in your request on the dedicated form

  • STEP 6

    If you have requested an additional budget for your campaign: If you have requested an additional budget (as part of your premium subscription or not), and once this budget is available in CARS, it will be directly integrated in addition to your initial campaign budget.

    IMPORTANT: To restart your campaign or to continue broadcasting taking into account your new budget: you need to modify your total and daily budget and restart your campaign manually. 
    Your campaign will broadcast with your new set budget.


You can refer now to our Q&A who will guide you on the use of Google Shopping in C.A.R.S.

This Q&A will also give you information on how to create and monitor a Google Shopping campaign on our marketing interface.



Seller cases

Average ROAS seller of 13*

(turnover / budget spent)

Hobbies Category seller


An average conversion rate of 15% (calculation : conversions number/ visits number)

(number of conversions / number of visits)

Telephony Category seller


*Average result observed during performances of May 2020, in a sample of 1734  sellers using the Google Shopping solution



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