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I'm taking off!
 With the JET PACK integrate a relevant 360-degree strategy using our two complementary marketing solutions.
Pair the power of Google Shopping with the Smart Discount Voucher for an effective marketing campaign!

JET PACK advantages


How does it work?

  • STEP 1: Registration at JET PACK

    Fill out the registration form now to take advantage of our two complementary marketing solutions!

  • STEP 2: Integration of our solutions on the ensemble of your produit catalogue

    Our e-commerce experts set your marketing campaign across your product catalog available on

    • With Google Shopping: Increase the visibility of your best products from a key price comparison on the market
    • With the Smart Discount Voucher: The most relevant discount possible is offered to the customer to increase your conversion rate
  • STEP 3: Update of your marketing campagnes

    Our team takes care of all the elements to set up to create your Google Shopping and SDV campaigns.

    We'll give you a dashboard to analyze the performance of your 360-degree marketing campaign.

I'm taking off!