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Thank’s to ComeOnPlace internal ressources and our partners experience, our ambition is to create innovative technological solutions for Cdiscount Marketplace sellers. Our teams listen to sellers needs. We are everyday in contact with Cdiscount Marketplace people who manage their shops.  

Untill today, we develop and continue to improve solutions with one goal: optimize the seller experience through his activity on Cdiscount Marketplace, while responding to customers needs!


How does ComeOnPlace agency proceed to offer new services, adapted to sellers of the marketplace?



1. Seller need identification and analysis




Our sellers’ needs are in the middle of our reflections. We identified them using two techniques:

  • The Cdiscount account managers share systematically with us the needs of their sellers.
  • We are in contact with Cdiscount support team which collect the seller’s feedbacks.


 These feedbacks allow us to work on the production of relevant services. We are in the middle of e-commerce issues and innovations. The mission of our Innovation Head of product Cyril, is to identify the solution that will have a key role for the performance of Cdiscount merchants. 

2. Implementation of adequate solution

 After identifying the need, it is important to define the frame of our action. We have a few possibilities:

Realise our project thanks’ to internal team

With Cdiscount at our side we can put our skills forward creating our own solutions. Oceane, our C.A.R.S. (Cdiscount Ads Retail Solution) expert has, for example, worked with our project team on the sponsored product interface and realise guides to ease the use of the tool.


Contact an expert of the sector

We can also call partners in order to find optimal solution to our sellers. We address ourselves to sector expert, start up and bigger size companies.


3.  Proof of concept phase with voluntary sellers

The test phase is essential during the project realisation. This step allows us to try the operation at a small scale with voluntary sellers. The objective is to get feedbacks. We can, then, bring improvements needed and deploy to all our sellers. The test allows our teams to identify the strengths of the service. We give this step the time needed to optimize the product and its functionalities.

A phase test is currently going with a pricing solution in collaboration with Pricemoov. Don’t miss it, places are limited.


I want to join

4. Lauch of the solution


Once the test phase is done, the solution is ready to be share with all our sellers. We prepare the right communication. The team goal is to highlight concretes situations in which a seller could need the service.

Externally, we present the service by email, banners on the Seller Zone and posts on our Linkedin Page. We also share innovations with our Cdiscount Marketplace Colleagues.



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