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Focus on performance



25 experts dedicated exclusively to your acquisition campaigns



We use Machine Learning to optimize your campaigns.



A top notch approach on a case-by-case basis.

SEA solution for experts

Together, we will build a long term acquisition strategy to expand your potential. We focus all our resources on our core business : the paid acquisition traffic

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Team of Experts

A certified team of traffic managers to monitor your marketing campaigns

A unique technology

An automated Big Data algorithm to optimize your marketing campaigns 24/7

A result-driven mindset

Your marketing campaigns are optimized daily to reach your ROI

A centralized platform

A platform to manage 100% of your marketing campaigns by channel and country


Define your budget





Define your ROI or CPA





Select your ad channels : Google / Bing / Facebook



Optimization 24/7 with our algorithm




Our traffic managers monitorize your ROI depending on your goals.


Customize your marketing campaigns according to your strategy


Unlike most agencies who optimized your campaigns only by using the performance reports, we take into account the product features.

Improving the quality of your feed is one of our goals but we go way further by enriching your products data as soon as we find a match in our database. Thanks to this know-how, we can test many more variations and explore new opportunities.

How do we optimize your campaigns ?

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days of commitment

Our offer

No commitment

No additional setup fees for channels or countries

Commisions are only applied on the budget spent
Commissions have a degressive rate depending on the budget.

Setting up the campaigns on the channels selected

Monitoring your campaigns

Weekly reports of yours campaigns

How to perform together ?

The checklist :

  •  Do you have an e-commerce website ?
  •  Are you ready to let us take your campaigns in charge ?
  •  Prepare your acquisition strategy : what budget for what results on which products ?
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Our Google CSS Offer

Save 20% on your Google Shopping budget using the CSS Google Partner programm.

What is it exactly ? The European Commission has obliged Google to launch a new feature to their comparison shopping service (Google Shopping) because of an abusive dominant position.

How does it work ? The Google partners' clients can beneficiate of a 20% discount on CPC for all ads on Google Shopping.

What about the setup ? We synchronize your product feed in your Merchant Center and link it to your Google Ads account for CSS. You can, then, manage your campaigns and enjoy the 20% discount on your CPC.


The ad channels Google, Facebook and Bing  are vital to boost your visibility and your ROI.

We offer a progressive and tailor-made activation program with the most powerful tools of the market.

We focus on the most advanced techniques for your campaigns : Shopping, Retargeting, et Dynamic Search Ads.

The Marketing Services offer requires no comitment and no setup fees to add new channels or countries.

We only apply commissions on the budget spent. Our commissions are degressive : the more you spend the more your rate decreases.

We create your campaigns by taking into account your product features and your product catalog.

We divide and structure your campaigns targeting your performance goal :

  • By product groups
  • With researches by automatically excluding search terms
  • By analyzing the combination search terms/products to adjust your bid
  • By performance profile (CPA/ROI)

We always take into account your catalog structure and the typology of the user searches thanks to :

  • 24/7 optimization thanks to our Big Data algorithm
  • Machine Learning : the algorithms keeps learning and adjusting thanks to your campaigns' performance data (120 variables are taken into account)

We optimize your campaigns with your results and the evolution of your needs (promotions, de-stocking, flash sales)

You have access to a monitoring platform directly from your browser :

  • complete dashboard to follow your campaigns
  • Options to change your montly budget or your channels
  • A strong support team to answer all your questions

Our team of traffic managers create, manage and optimize your campaigns. You follow your performances and adapt your strategy.

Thanks to Marketing Services, you can launch in a few minutes :

  1. A new ad channel.
  2. Your new international acquisition strategy without extra cost.

In order to add a new country or a new ad channel, you only have : to contact your Account Manager at Marketing Services or contact us by email at :