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Either you are restarting your business or you just want to boost your activity, did you already think about checking the quality of your e-commerce catalogue? 

The way you present your products to customers is essential, no matter the sales format. Even more o a marketplace because you are not in the personalised environment of you own physical shop or e-commerce website. You must make a difference and stand for yourself in front of your competitors whose offer can be very similar to yours.

 How to optimize your catalogue to relaunch your activity? 

The catalogue of products forms le starting point of a marketplace strategy. The place where sellers and customers meet, this catalogue must, before all, reflect the quality of the products you sell.


The first step is to make sure that all of your products are online on the marketplace with the correct information before being able to work on the optimization.


Here are the best tips from ComeOnPlace Team: 

Tips 1 – Create products pages following the cdiscount marketplace best practises:


You must have a precise idea of the strengths and weaknesses of your catalogue before trying to improve it.

The product pages building must follow the Cdiscount’s requirements. So, it is important to be informed about the mandatory and optional element to their redaction.

This way you will put all the chances by your side to be naturally well listed on the website. If you need to be guided during this task, the ComeOnPlace teams can offer you an complete audit. They will give you a score for your product pages and the way to optimize them.

Tips 2 -- Offer an attractive content for the page viewers


Through a detailed and illustrated description, the product pages allow the client to project themselves before buying. That’s why, it’s essential to bring a qualitative content that allows to boost your competitivity and trigger a sale. That’s why it will be very interesting complete your catalogue with more pictures or videos that put your product into their use context.

Adding quality marketing description will allow you to send a message to your client and to teach him more about the attractive features of your product.

That’s exactly to create quality marketing description that ComeOnPlace give you access to BOOST’IT solution. You will just then to fill the template you have chosen with the content you want (pictures and text). It will allow you to add a qualitative element to your product page in order to convince the visitors!


Tips 3 -- reinforce the prospect’s trust thanks to customers reviews

While Lauching your activity on Cdiscount or for the arrival of new products on your catalogue, customers reviews can reassure your prospects and create customer loyalty. They allow you to improve your transformation rate. Investing into customers reviews is essential to launch and maintain the commercialization of your catalogue’s products. Cdiscount is currently working on different solutions to help you gather customers reviews, don’t hesitate to request more information from us!

You can start now to optimize the quantity of reviews posted on your product pages:

It can be interesting for example to generate personalized e-mails in order to engage the customer and offer them to post a review.


If you wish to catch the customer’s attention at the best time, you can also put flyers or personalised messages into the parcels to incite them to post a review on your Cdiscount product pages!

Tips 4 -- Build up a shop window like your brand image

For all business sizes, it is important to work on your renown on the marketplace. That’s why creating a shop window like your image participate to engage the prospects into your universe.





Cdiscount marketplace is full of sellers, that’s why it’s even more important to win the loyalty of your customers. Spots have been dedicated to allow you to recreate your universe on Cdiscount. It is now possible to access it from you seller zone or even to ask for a personalized offer in order to realize your shop window with the Shop in Shop concept.

Coupled with a communication plan, this window makes an essential lever for the visibility of your products on Cdiscount Marketplace.

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