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With the closing of physical shops, French people more than ever choose e-commerce for their shopping. 

At the end of April Emmanuel Grenier, Cdiscount CEO, shared about a 40% sales growth compared to the same period for the month of april.Cdiscount clients are looking for new products categories. 

Internet use are presents and a lot of seller to are meeting them to answer their needs:  

How to make the difference on Cdiscount Marketplace ? 

Today, we share our tips to rise up your activity!

 First Tip - Build and strengthen your search engine advertising: 

60% of sales come from search engine researches. 

Referencing allows your offer to appear according to their relevance with a key word, that will be searched on the search engine. 2 types of referencing exist, the natural one (SEO) and the charged one (SEA).

To boost your appearance on the search engine, it is recommended to use search engine advertising using the C.A.R.S. platform (Sponsored products)

Up to 20 million searches are made every week. Within this results, Sponsored Products can benefit from strategic spots allowing to generate more clicks. 

To be present on Cdiscount lead to reach more than 20 million unique users. Recently, thanks to Google Shopping our seller attract new targets from intentional visitors. 

Complementarily to Sponsored products, your work on your visibility but this time on Google. 

Second Tip - Boost your competitivity:

Cdiscount customer is looking after the best offer on the market, he will be very receptive to the idea of making a deal!

For 3 years we deployed a technology that allows to target the more hesitating customers and encourage them to buy. This technology is called Smart Discount Voucher and it can rise your orders to an additional 40%*** with the same traffic by proposing a personalized smart coupon to the customers! 

Third Tip - Target your visibility:

Cdiscount paces its annual activity with high periods during which product categories are highlighted according to commercial operations

With Premium Ads, sellers can access to strategic spots on the home page and navigation and this way benefit from the same visibility as suppliers or famous brands. 

 Fourth Tip - Build up a marketing stategy:

For 3 years Cdiscount Marketplace implemented Premium packs: they have been picked by almost 2800 sellers. If these sellers have chosen to subscribe to a Premium Pack, it’s firstly to build a strategy on the marketplace. Indeed, thanks to premium packs you can benefit from the visibility levers previously told, but also from services allowing you to improve your logistic or even from the support of a marketing expert. All these functionalities allow you to boost your activity and be more efficient on the Marketplace! And you, what kind of seller are you?

You are a beginner seller and you don’t have any pack:

Let’s meet on the ComeOnPlace website in order to be guided during the choice of the pack that will suits you the best! 

You already got a premium pack but don’t use all of it:

Allocate from now on your budget on your favourites services by contacting your account manager or the support team (according to the applying modalities and under the reserve of application) 

You use 100% of your pack:

Go to the next level and upgrade your premium pack to get more advantages! 

*interview given to Franceinfo 

**traffic on top 10K requests from 1st of April to 16th of April 
*** average result observed during AB test in april 2020 on a sample of 685 sellers using smart coupon solution 

Log in and go to the subscribtion section of your account. 

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